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Jeg Liker Broken Manual

januar 10, 2011

‘Created over four years (2006-2010), Alec Soth’s newest book represents a significant departure from his three previous Steidl publications. Entitled Broken Manual, Soth investigates the places in which people retreat to escape civilization. Soth photographs monks, survivalists, hermits and runaways, but this isn’t a conventional documentary book on life “off the grid.” Instead, working with the writer Lester B. Morrison, the authors have created an underground instruction manual for those looking to escape their lives.’

Dette er en riktig fin liten sak av en bok! Uavhengig av om du ønsker deg bort fra ‘folk flest’ fo’real eller bare trenger litt mentalhygienisk ferie…

Broken Manual


/Kenneth Tangnes