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Jeg Liker Goruck GR2

juli 14, 2011

Goruck GR2

D1000 Cordura! Tåler altså en trøkk…

Direkte fra Goruck eller fra Context.

/Kenneth Tangnes


Jeg Liker Swanndri Waxed-Cotton Jacket

desember 5, 2010

‘Swanndri is a legendary company in New Zealand, where the weather is tough and most people make their living outdoors. Their motto is, «We have to make a good garment. Most of our customers have guns.» Founded in 1913, Swanndri clothing became the uniform of the New Zealand pioneers.’

Fra Orvis

Til våren, altså…

/Kenneth Tangnes


Jeg Liker Rocky Mountain Featherbed Mountain Parka Olive

november 7, 2010

Kan man bli lei denne typen jakker? Noensinne? Ehhh… ja! Men ikke helt enda…

Fra f.eks. Present London

/Kenneth Tangnes


Jeg Liker Quark MiNi 123 Titanium

november 4, 2010

Quark MiNi 123 Titanium

189 lumens, 2.3 inches(!), Titan…

Perfekt back-up og EDC.

/Kenneth Tangnes


Jeg Liker Everyday Carry – EDC

november 2, 2010

‘Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness.’

Bortimot Nirvana for gadget freaks. Som meg, altså… Pluss at siden fokuserer mer på praktiske og funksjonelle ting enn kun stil! Lommelykter, kniver, etc…

Everyday Carry

/Kenneth Tangnes


Jeg Liker Fred Perrys Dry Wax Fishing Jacket

mars 11, 2010

Jeg Liker Fred Perrys British Millerain Dry Wax Fishing Jacket

Fra f.eks Kiosk 78

Ser ut som jeg leter etter en gul regnjakke til de neste tre årstidene, altså…

/Kenneth Tangnes


Jeg Liker Heritage Research For Peggs & Son

mars 3, 2010

‘Yellow Driden Ramano which is a new fabric from British Millerain using a different process to waterproof the cotton making it lighter and less waxy.’ (Via)

Peggs & Son

Heritage Research

Begynner å nærme seg årstiden for regntøy…

/Kenneth Tangnes