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Fuck Yeah Menswear

oktober 28, 2010

If style happens in the forest does anyone see it?

My shirt is half-tucked.

My Jeep is all-wheel drive.

I am fully erect.

I’m lost in the woods.

Looking off camera.

At the giant fucking wood chipper.

Glad we cut down this grove of trees for the shoot.

Gonna get so many fucking reblogs.

I am Americana 2.0.

My Manifest Destiny is to be effing crispy.

Where the fuck is my Dark and Stormy?

Oh, you thought cause I’m in the forest I’d be on some flannel and lumberjack shit?

Fuck no bitches.

I’m always one season ahead.

Two drinks over the legal limit.

Three piece suit in the back seat.

Oh man. Dancing on the souls of dead trees.

Wearing my Nanny red cut-offs.

I am the style Lorax. I speak for the steez.

Summer is a verb.

Crispy is an adjective.

Menswear is a noun.

Fuck Yeah Menswear

Morsomt/Faen! Rimelig midt i blinken…

/Kenneth Tangnes