Jeg Liker Denim Debate

september 21, 2010

‘The idea was simple…

While in the market for new denim, I found that there wasn’t a way to easily compare and contrast different brands. Sure you can find photos of new denim, and photos of destroyed denim nearing the end of their functional life, but nothing documenting the process in between. Frustrated by the lack of clear information, I reached out to a network of stylish colleagues to partake in a debate of sorts. Being highly involved in branding and marketing, I understand the value that these “tastemakers” bring to the debate. These individuals will bridge the gap between brand and buyer, giving an honest look at denim to help everyone from the denim snob to a first time purchaser.

The Denim Debate is an evolving project. We need your help to make this a valuable and enjoyable resource…’

Denim Debate

Fint med litt denim geekery. Særlig siden jeg er på jakt etter noen nye par…

/Kenneth Tangnes


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