Jeg Liker Marathon’s Pilot/Navigator’s Watch

juli 10, 2009

U.S. Military Pilot/Navigator's Watch by MarathonU.S. Military Pilot/Navigator’s Watch by Marathon (MIL-PRF-46374G specification). 42×46 mm. This is a current issue watch (manufactured in late 2008), USAF and USN, Tritium Tracer (Glass Tubes) Navigational Wristwatch that glows 20 times brighter than an ordinary luminous watch.

The timepiece features a high quality Swiss made high precision jeweled Quartz Movement designed to withstand high G-forces and has a magnetic resistance of 1500 A/m. The watch is water resistant to 6 ATM (196 Ft). It is designed for maintaining accuracy at high altitude to 35,000 FT without compensating pressurization.

The case is is made of an extremely durable black nylon/fiberglass composite material. The rotating outer bezel provides marking for a second time zone. The crystal is an aircraft quality lightweight Lexon material allowing for strength and scratch removal. The dial features the radioactive symbol (Tritium isotope). Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. When it decays, it emits beta particles (electrons) that do not penetrate skin, plastic, glass, etc. The electrons excite the coating on the vials, creating a bright green glow. It is a safe method of illumination, and is used mainly in military watches and gun sights.

Med en olivengrønn reim fra MARATAC så er man der.

Perfekt for outdoors aktiviteter! Vanntett, tåler ekstremt med juling, lyser bra i mørket, koster ikke skjorta og ser jo bra ut.

/Kenneth Tangnes


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