Someone Is Stealing Your Life

juni 16, 2009

Someone Is Stealing Your Life

«Most American adults wake around 6 ot 7 in the morning. Get to work at 8 or 9. Knock off around 5. Home again, 6-ish. Fifty weeks a year. For about 45 years.

Most are glad to have the work, but don’t really choose it. They may dream, they may study and even train for work they intensely want; but sooner or later, for most, that doesn’t pan out. Then they take what they can and make do. Most have families to support, so they need their jobs more than their jobs admit to needing them. They’re employees. And, as employees, most have no say whatsoever about much of anything on the job. The purpose or service, the short and long-term goals of the company, are considered quite literally «none of their business» – though these issues drastically influence every aspect of their lives. No matter that they’ve given years to the day-to-day survival of the business; employees (even when they’re called «managers») mostly take orders. Or else. It seems an odd way to structure a free society: Most people have little or no authority over what they do five days a week for 45 years. Doesn’t sound much like «life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.» Sounds like a nation of drones…»

(Les resten her)

Av Michael Ventura (Utdrag fra LA Weekly 26.Jan-90)

Moralen er: DIY!

/Kenneth Tangnes


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