Jeg Liker Cosmic Dudes

mars 17, 2009

Cosmic Dudes

Støtt Charles & Mitch med deres finfine Online Vinylsjappe – Cosmic Dudes:

«Cosmic dudes is an independant online recordstore specialized in hard to find cosmic disco and electronic avantgarde from the late 70s. We offer a selection of unearthed treasures for deejays and producers. Meanwhile the ambitious collector can save a lot of time and directly move on to some of the finest and essential material from the disco period…

…A lot of well kept secrets are put on the shelf here. We spend a lot of time and money on finding these records. Most are only in stock once and can’t be found for sale anywhere else at the time we offer them here. Still, we would like the experience to be as enjoyable as flipping through records in your favorite music store – without stress and in a galaxy far away from the random bidding wars.»

Det fine er jo at du bl.a. kan høre snutter fra hver enkelte ‘gem’ før du kjøper. Stol på meg når jeg sier at her finnes det INSANELY mange nuggets…

/Kenneth Tangnes


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  1. […] Nok en kvalitetsonline vinyl sjappe for oss nerdsa… […]

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