Jeg Liker Persol 714

mars 13, 2009

Persol 714

«The Persol 714 folding sunglasses are quite easily the most classic and sought after Persol ever made! Made legend by Steve McQueen both on screen, in movies such as the “Thomas Crown Affair ” and off.

Persol 714 Folding

As many are aware a favorite of McQueen were the Persol 714 but with custom tinted lenses. To pay tribute to this we are offering an eyegoodies exclusive: the Persol 714 with custom blue lenses. The top quality French optical lenses manufactured by Essilor and custom tinted provide 100% UV protection.»

Persol 714 Folded

Laget for hånd i Italia.


/Kenneth Tangnes


One comment

  1. nice post. Check for a similar shaped Chronicle of Never pair soon to be put up and reviewed


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