Jeg Liker Mister Freedom

mars 4, 2009

MFSC 0415

De begynner virkelig å få dreisen på sakene!

«Mister Freedom is a retail space/design studio created by Christophe Loiron, French expatriate to California in 1990.

The concept operates at the current Hollywood, CA location since 2003.

The brick building at 7161 Beverly Boulevard is filled with a huge inventory of vintage clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women from the 1850’s to the present.

The store also offers rare textiles, vintage books as well as antique props for deco. This extensive eclectic collection of vintage items is collected around the world and updated daily with new finds.

Depression area work-wear – Tropical colonial garb – Outdoor canvas gear – Naval and Marine uniforms – Army field outfits – Early explorers goods – Madras haberdashery – Indigo textiles – Western wear- Pop art threads – Beach wear – Athletic corner – French gentleman farmer And more…»

Ahhhh… The Glory Of It All!

/Kenneth Tangnes


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  1. […] fokus på denim generelt og Mister Freedom spesielt, men også mye annet inspirerende. Stort pluss for gode […]

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