Jeg Liker Southwick

februar 18, 2009

Lawrence Double-BreastedHer er noen nyttige tips til hvordan du best behandler dressene dine:

To keep your suit looking its best, follow these recommendations.

  • Regular brushing keeps dust and grit from accumulating in the fabric.
  • A suit should not be worn every day. After wearing, empty the pockets, hang on a wooden hanger, and let air dry. This allows the natural fibers to return to their original shape.
  • The steam from a shower will help restore the natural moisture of fine woolens and remove wrinkles. Remember to take the suit off first!
  • If you get caught in the elements, and your garment becomes wet, allow it to dry naturally at room temperature.
  • Do not dry-clean unless it is dirty, and always use a reputable dry-cleaner.

Compliments of Southwick.

Fix Up, Look Sharp!

/Kenneth Tangnes


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