Jeg Liker The Kaufmann Desert House

februar 5, 2009

The Kaufmann Desert House

The Kaufmann Desert House

The Kaufmann Desert House

The Kaufmann Desert House av Richard Neutra ble gjort kjent bl.a. gjennom fotoene tatt av Julius Shulman i 1947:

Julius Shulman

Noen interiørshots:

Kaufmann House Interior

Kaufmann House 2

Kaufmann House 3

Kaufmann House 4

‘…designed to emphasize connection to the desert landscape while offering shelter from harsh climatic conditions. Large sliding glass walls open the living spaces and master bedroom to adjacent patios. Major outdoor rooms are enclosed by a row of movable vertical fins that offer flexible protection against sandstorms and intense heat.’ (Wikipedia)


/Kenneth Tangnes


One comment

  1. Sorry, but I am very angry about your website. I am the owner of all copyrights of the images I produced in the 10 years of an equal photographic partnership
    with Julius Shulman. The images you are showing here of the Kaufmann House Palm Springs are all belonging to archive, the 1956 image is belonging to the Getty Research Institute, owner of the Shulman archive before 2000.
    I never gave you my permission to put these images on your site and than without mentioning the photographers and copyright holders in a proper way. As all my work is copyright protected, I will think how to precede about this copyright violation in contacting the ASMP as a member.
    Please get in touch with me, to find a way to correct this situation.
    As a professional photographer I cannot effort, that my images are used all over the world without permit and publication fees.
    Best regards
    Juergen Nogai

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