Beherskelse Fremfor Eksess

januar 20, 2009

Major Arcana Temperance

Her kommer nok en ode til de økonomisk vanskelige tidene. Fra NY Times for en måneds tid siden:

‘It has been just three months since the end of the Age of Excess, but I can already picture how that era’s fashion will be remembered. An image easily springs to mind: some D.J. jerk with neck tattoos and lines shaved in his eyebrows wearing $600 distressed jeans and a gold brocaded Ed Hardy hoodie, getting out of a white Hummer clutching a bottle of Cristal. Next to him is his girlfriend holding a Chihuahua and gargantuan Frappuccino, wearing bug-eyed sunglasses and expensive pink warm-ups with the word “tart” on the backside.’

Les resten her.

/Kenneth Tangnes

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