Jeg Liker Brian Dettmer

desember 31, 2008


‘Standard American’, 2008, Altered Vintage Encyclopedia Set




‘The Household Physicians’, 2008, Altered vintage medical books


‘The New Century’, 2008, Altered books



«Brian Dettmer sifts through stacks of antiquated books, boxes of dusty cassette tapes, and piles of obsolete maps to uncover the perfect source and subject for his conceptual explorations and sculptural dissections. Dettmer alters pre-existing materials by selectively removing and manipulating elements as a way to allow new interpretations and ideas to emerge. With the precision of a surgeon, Dettmer uses scalpels, tweezers, and other medical instruments to carve into the surface of his found objects to reveal hidden meanings.»

Sykeste jeg har sett på VELDIG lenge!

/Kenneth Tangnes

2 kommentarer

  1. if you want to find out more about brian dettmer, the man and artist, check this post out

    brian dettmer: book autopsies

    he was so incited by herocious that he personally left a rather lengthy comment.

    got a laugh out of it at least.

  2. Thanks for the comment and enjoyable read over at ‘The Open End’, Ernest Pipe. I’m going to stay clear of the highly interesting and intellectual discourse going on next door at The Open End blog. Safe to say it’s way above my head. Although I appreciate the arguments being made on both sides, I guess I’m on Dettmer’s side here. Hell, I just thought what he made out of those books was pretty spectacular and cool. Again, thx for dropping by!

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