Jeg Liker The Lives They Lived

desember 29, 2008


Jeg liker godt New York Times Magazines årlige utgave ‘The Lives They Lived’. Disse utgavene portretterer et utvalg mennesker som har strøket med det siste året. Ikke en oversikt over alle, men et utvalg av mennesker som har betydd mye for de som skriver disse artiklene. Som NYT Mag selv skriver i ingressen:

«With a new year in sight, we have another opportunity to take note of some of the lives that ended in the past 12 months. This is our 15th annual Lives They Lived issue, and as always, we do not try to be comprehensive or definitive in our choices of the people evoked within these pages. Instead, this is an unabashedly idiosyncratic collection, driven by the interests, passions and whims of our editors and writers. We hope you are moved, tickled, intrigued and provoked by reading about these 24 very different lives, all memorably lived.»

Alt fra Philip Agee og George Carlin til Bobby Fischer og Tim Russert.

Resten finner du her!

/Kenneth Tangnes

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